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 Could Anonymous hackers destroy Facebook?

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PostSubject: Could Anonymous hackers destroy Facebook?   Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:41 pm

Anonymous hackers announced this week that they will destroy the social network Facebook on November 5th, but is it possible to take down such a big site?
The experts from PCmag spoke to Chester Wisniewski, security consultant at Sophos. According to him, any site can be taken down if there is enough people who want it. The hackers from Anonymous have tried to take Facebook down in the past but have only succeeded for a few seconds. Basically, sites like Facebook and Amazon are impossible to take down.
The preferred hackers’ method of attack is a DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service. What is DDoS? The hackers infiltrate viruses or worms into thousands of computers and they run an attack program, awaiting remote commands. When receiving such an order, all these computers simultaneously start a concerted attack on the victim. “Distributed” means that the attack is made simultaneously from multiple computers, and “DoS” shows that the attack uses computational resources of the victim, but not steal or destroy information on the infected computers.

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Could Anonymous hackers destroy Facebook?
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